Elephant Escapes From Circus In France

La Montage

While there are various reasons being cited for an elephant escaping from a French Circus on Wednesday, the fact that it temporarily did is undeniable as it was documented in photos taken by shocked witnesses at the scene.

The great break out took place in the central French city of Clermont-Ferrand, where the “La Piste aux étoiles” circus was based.


The circus reportedly claimed that visitors “with ill intentions” had managed to let the 42-year-old female elephant out at its enclosure for approximately two minutes before it was recaptured, according to News France’s The Local.

Later, as reported by onegreenplanet.com, a circus spokeswoman told news agency AFP that the elephant had been out for an “organized walk” with its handler and never made it across the road.


Regardless of what led to the elephant taking to the street, or whether it did or did not cross the road, the incident marked yet another example of why wild animals do not belong in captivity, especially for entertainment purposes, but rather should be left alone to live in their natural habitats.

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