WildCare & IFAW Save Wildlife Affected By Hurricane Harvey; Donations Needed!


As the extraordinary rescue and relief efforts of humans and pets continue in the disastrous aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, there is another population of silent victims in desperate need of assistance, wildlife. 

Fortunately, California-based wildlife organization WildCare and International Fund For Animal Welfare (IFAW) is answering the call for help.

Both organizations have sent volunteers to wildlife care centers in the flooded areas that have understandably been inundated with orphaned and injured wild animals as a result of the floods.

The Austin Wildlife Center reportedly had received over 200 orphaned baby squirrels in three days alone!

“WildCare staff and volunteers are uniquely qualified to assist wildlife care centers in the wake of the storm,” said WildCare Executive Director, Vaughn R. Maurice. “In partnership with HSUS, WildCare will be offering professional, experienced assistance to wildlife in need. We are grateful to be able to help and are ready to step in wherever we are needed most!”

Squirrels, rabbits, beavers, owls and more have come in to receive treatment at the Wildlife Center of Texas. 

IFAW’s Disaster Response team is currently in Montgomery County supporting American Humane as they provide compassionate care for approximately 200 owned or abandoned pets on top of all of the rescued wild animals they are working to save. 

IFAW continues to field requests for help through their website and social media platforms each day. They are working 24/7 to support the victims of Hurricane Harvey and are grateful to their blessed supporters and foundation partners who make this life-saving work possible – in Texas and around the globe. Donations to both WildCare & IFAW are needed to help with the ongoing efforts of these two amazing organizations.

WildCare is requesting that people consider donating their airline miles and hotel points as well to help transport rescuers.

Wildlife orphaned and injured by the storm will need care for weeks and months, so this effort will be ongoing.

People with offers of miles, points or with questions, should e-mail the organization at: wildcare@discoverwildcare.org 

Donations of cash to help facilitate WildCare’s work to assist wildlife affected by the hurricane can be made HERE! 

Donations to IFAW will help animal victims of Hurricane Harvey and other animals around the world, HERE! 

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