Wings Of Rescue Plans Independence Day Flights To Save 400 Death Row Pets

The approaching holiday is always a stressful time for animals, and a busy time for rescues and shelters as many pets stray from their homes in fear of fireworks.

Wings of Rescue logistics master Ric Browde told iHeartDogs: “Fireworks are legal in many communities in California. Their detonation frightens pets, and those pets who are left unattended in their backyards will try to flee the noise – and many of these pets end up in municipal shelters.  The strain on the shelters is enormous – several of these facilities receive over 100 pets a night for the period leading up to July 4th.  When shelters are over their capacity they sadly have to resort to euthanasia.Wings of Rescue’s goal is to reduce the strain by taking these stray pets to new homes.”

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On July 8th and 9th, Wings of Rescue is planning three “Independence Day Flights” to relocate over 400 dogs and cats at risk of euthanasia in California shelters, to shelters across the country that have low populations.

Screen Shot 2016-07-02 at 10.13.51 AMWings of Rescue is 501(c)(3) is a volunteer-run nonprofit. At-risk animals are flown by volunteer pilots to shelters that are in need of pets to adopt out.
They have safely airlifted 19,655 shelter pets since 2009. Their goal is to save 16,000 more shelter pets in 2016.

Source: Wings Of Rescue



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