World Animal Protection Is Helping Care For 16,000 Animals Affected By The Devastating Floods In Costa Rica

Photo from World Animal Protection.

World Animal Protection is working with officers from Costa Rica’s National Animal Health Service (SENASA) to provide emergency medical care and food for 16,000 dogs, cows, horses, and other animals that have been left weak and injured by the devastating rain and flooding in the Limon region.

According to the organization, it will continue to help reduce animals’ suffering for at least another week as the floods subside. However, it is concerned with ensuring  longer-term benefits for these animals so they recover properly.

“While we’re so grateful for SENASA’s tireless efforts working with us on the ground,” World Animal Protection noted in a statement, “we had hoped the organization would release its existing emergency veterinary fund (EVF), so more animals could be saved.

“Costa Rica’s Civil Defense has stepped in with additional money, but it arrived two weeks into the disaster,” continued the statement, “In the future, for the animals’ sake, we would like to see funding made available as soon as it is needed.”

The flooding began in mid-July and has caused horrible distress for animals and their owners.

One man in particular is concerned for the well-being of his 22 cows, 100 chickens, three pigs, five dogs, and cat. Sadly, 60-year-old Juan Carlos has been unable to reach some of his cows who are trapped in the floodwater.

“For me, the animals that are most affected are the ones we have not been able to move,” said Carlos who called the organization’s help a blessing. “They are in the mud and there are still parts that are flooded, so they have to get through mud and water to eat the few pieces of grass that are growing.” 

Every day, in every country, millions of animals are suffering. World Animal Protection works to change their lives for the better, from caring for animals who’ve fallen victim to natural disasters to keeping wild animals in the wild.

Donations to World Animal Protection can be made HERE!

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