Yesterday, A Young Bull Moose Was Found Wandering Around The University Of Utah Campus; He Was Thankfully Returned To The Wild!

Photos from the University of Utah.

Another moose was on the loose yesterday. This time, a young bull moose was found wandering around the University of Utah campus.

“Good morning! This furry visitor came early to check out some books and now has been helped back to his home,” the University’s J. Willard Marriott Library tweeted on its Twitter account.

The two-year-old moose was safely rescued by the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources and relocated to the mountains of central Utah.

The wildlife division also shared an update on social media.

“Now, after a tranquilizer-induced nap, the moose is back to the wild, and his memories of campus life are just a happy haze,” the division posted on its Facebook page.

Judging from the humorous posts, it seems that the moose was not the only one having fun yesterday.

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