Your Signatures Are Needed As Animals Continue To Die At The Islamabad Zoo Due To Negligence

Last month, another tragedy took place at Islamabad Zoo. A wolf got into the deer enclosure and attacked a herd, killing 5 and leaving 1 with very serious injuries.

A passerby noticed the attack and reported this matter to the police. It’s been confirmed by a chief metropolitan officer that a security guard who was supposed to be securing the enclosure was not at his post. Another staff member sadly shot and killed the wolf.

The security guard has been suspended for negligence. However, this is not a solution for the BIGGER PROBLEM.

• The fencing around the deer enclosure is not properly secured. It allowed a wild animal to enter.

• Visitors continue to report that animals look lethargic with untreated injuries. They are also pacing back and forth, which is a term called “zoochosis,” a mental illness.

• Media has been reporting for over a decade on the negligence and cruelty by zoo administration and that animal deaths have become routine.

• The zoo lacks proper facilities for the animals (they clearly have safety issues for animals & visitors).

• All exhibits are unnatural with no enrichment and have never been updated. The exhibits are kept filthy, with little to no water available.

• For years, visitors, media and activists campaigned on the treatment of an endangered Asian elephant named Kaavan. His mahout made the elephant beg to earn tips from visitors by selling his food to the public to feed him. Kaavan was kept in chains for hours while standing in an empty cement pool. In the past, activists who spoke up for Kaavan said that he suffered from isolation, mental illness, and was physically beaten by zoo employees.

• In 2012, at a very young age, a 20-year-old female elephant named Saheli passed away due to animal cruelty and neglect. The mahout would offer elephant rides and photographs with Saheli to paying customers while she was continuously chained. (This is the same mahout who was in charge of Kaavan).

• Zoo administration has also tried to ban media from the zoo so that the terrible conditions of the animals and facility are not exposed.

• Hundreds of birds, zebras, ostrich, nilgai and urials have died due to cruelty or lack of care by employees.

• The zoo now keeps a pair of lions apart, after reports revealed that cubs were bred and that 2 sets of cubs had died due to improper care from staff.

• Last month, a critically endangered Himalayan bear died. He lived in complete misery while being isolated & neglected.

The administration control of the Islamabad Zoo was changed in (2016) from Capital Development Authority (CDA) to Metropolitan Corporation Islamabad (MCI). For over a decade, the CDA has released statements to the media stating there will be an upgrade to the Islamabad zoo in order to meet international standards and better care for the animals. When is this going to happen?

The MCI has announced an upgrade as well, yet there have been no improvements to Islamabad Zoo and more animals continue to die while the Zoo is somehow allowed to keep bringing in more animals.

Proper attention was not given by the former government to the management of the zoo. These are sensitive animals and their needs are not being met. The unnecessary deaths and cruelty have been ongoing and need to be stopped.

Please sign this Care2 petition and demand that this zoo is shut down! HERE!

You can also tell Trip Advisor to stop promoting this zoo, Call 781-800-5000 and e-mail

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