Your Signatures Are Needed To Tell Loro Parque Marine Park To Release Morgan And Her Calf To A Seaside Sanctuary!

Loro Parque, a marine park in Tenerife, in the Canary Islands just off the coast of Spain, is holding an orca named Morgan captive in prison-like conditions. Despite an original plan to “rehabilitate” the underweight wild orca, she tragically has been forced into captivity for entertainment along with her newborn calf. We cannot allow this to continue!

Morgan was captured from the wild by the Harderwijk Dolphinarium, allegedly due to her underweight condition. The plan was initially to rehabilitate her and release her. However, as is so often the case with individuals who are rehabilitated, instead of going back to the wild, Morgan was sent to Loro Parque to spend the rest of her life performing for audiences and making people money. This was despite the existence of a viable release plan put together by the Free Morgan Foundation, including input from over 30 experts worldwide, all of whom advocated for her freedom. Unfortunately, money and big business won out.

Now, Morgan has given birth – something that should be a celebration, but which rarely is for captive cetaceans. Predictably, Loro Parque separated the mother and calf, saying that the calf wasn’t feeding properly. Although this separation was temporary, it must have been nothing short of agonizing for both mother and child. And there’s no telling when Loro Parque might find it advantageous to separate them again – perhaps going so far as selling the calf or mother to another facility to maximize their profits, as SeaWorld, and many other facilities have done in the past.

This is why we are calling for Loro Parque to send Morgan and her calf to a seaside sanctuary, where the two can at least live their lives in peace and quiet, and no longer be exploited by greedy humans who are motivated exclusively by the bottom line.

What You Can Do To Help!

Please take a moment to make a quick call (if possible given the international time zone) and then send out a letter.

1) Call Loro Parque: (+34) 922 373 841

Note: an English-speaking person is only available between the hours of 12:00 am PT and 9:00 am PT. For calling at all other times, please be prepared to use the Spanish script (Below)

Hello, I’m calling because I think Loro Parque should send Morgan and her calf to a sanctuary. Thank you.

Hola, llamo porque creo que Loro Parque debería enviar a Morgan y al ternero a un santuario. Gracias.

2) Send a letter by In Defense of Animals by filling out the fields on their website HERE!

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