L.A.’s Yulin Dog & Cat Meat Protest Draws Hundreds Of Animal Advocates

Friday morning animal advocates protesting the upcoming annual Yulin Dog Meat Festival gathered in front of the Chinese Consulates in Los Angeles as well as Washington D.C., San Francisco, Chicago, and New York.

The Yulin Dog Meat Festival in China is the scene of a massive slaughter where thousands of dogs are beaten, boiled and burned alive in a gruesome celebration of the summer solstice each year.

Despite it being an exceptionally warm day, a huge crowd of more than 100 people turned up to the Los Angeles protest which was organized by Last Chance for Animals (LCA).

The first of many such protests according to LCA founder Chris DeRose who urged the impassioned group to not only show up to the next one, which will be announced in the near future, but to bring even more people with them.

“This is how it’s done. We got the South Korean consulate to listen to us, and we have to do the same thing with China. Your voices are being heard loud and clear,” said DeRose, a leader in the animal rights movement for more than three decades. “And if it’s hot and tough for you, think about what they (the dogs) are going through.”

According to DeRose people’s voices are needed now more than ever despite the highly-questionable reports in the media that the sale of dog meat has been banned at this year’s festival. Something that he and other prominent activists denounce.

“Every year they say the same thing and when the festival happens thousands of dogs are tortured and killed,” said Marc Ching who, along with his non-profit The Animal Hope and Wellness Foundation (AHWF), has been tirelessly working to help stop the rampant dog meat trade that exists in Asia, and particularly the Yulin Dog Meat Festival. “Don’t let up the fight. Do not think for one minute that it is over. Protest. Use your words and your voice.”

And that is precisely what the animal-loving crowd did during the two hour protest.

“One, two, three, four, open up the cage door. Five, six, seven, eight, smash the locks and liberate” was one of the many powerful calls to action the determined group chanted relentlessly.

At one point during the demonstration, organizers facilitated a photo op in support of United States H.Res. 30, Condemning the Dog Meat Festival in Yulin, China, and urging China to end the dog meat trade, which was introduced by Rep. Alcee L. Hastings (D-FL-20) on January 6, 2017. People held signs that read Speaker Ryan; Please Bring H. Res. 30 To The Floor!

The demonstration drew people of all ages and nationalities in a united front to stand up for animals and against the deplorable practice of eating dog and cat meat.

“I am Korean, and I’m here because what is happening is not acceptable,” explained one protester. “We need to unite for the animals. This has to end.”

Another protester “fully against what China is doing,” identified herself as a Chinese-American.

“This is not just an issue in China; it is an overall issue in Asia,” she continued while holding a sign that stated Asian Americans Against China’s Dog Meat Trade in English on one side and in Chinese on the other. “It’s not just their country’s issue; it’s a humanitarian issue.”

WAN could not agree more, and we remain dedicated, along with other animal advocates throughout the world, to keep fighting the fight until the Yulin Dog Meat Festival, the dog meat trade and the torturing, killing and subsequent eating of dogs, cats and other animals is finally stopped.




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