Breaking! Animal Recovery Mission’s Shocking Undercover Investigation Operation Gray’s And Danny’s Slaughterhouse In Florida

Animal Recovery Mission (ARM) is currently involved in another shocking animal cruelty investigation, Operation Gray’s and Danny’s Slaughterhouse,

Located in Moore Haven, Florida, Gray’s and Danny’s Investment, Inc.’s slaughterhouse sells live animals to customers who then contract their secondary business, Okeechobee Farms, to butcher and clean the animals for human consumption.

ARM’s undercover investigation on December 23rd, 2021, and January 14th, 2022, unveiled 35 gruesome felony violations of extreme animal cruelty and torture, inhumane handling, inhumane selling of unadulterated meat, false advertising, and more.

Animals observed and documented onsite include cattle, horses, sheep, goats, pigs, ducks, and chickens; all contained on the property to be butchered and sold for human consumption.

Some of the more specific appalling findings include:

  • PROLONGED TORTURE: Untrained employees inhumanely handling, catching, and killing animals using improper techniques, causing drawn-out deaths, and suffering. Animals are stabbed repeatedly in the chest, throats slashed, skin peeled off while still sensible to pain.

  • BUTCHERED ALIVE: Animals are not being stunned prior to slaughter, per USDA’s “Humane Slaughter Act.” Instead, animals are fully conscious and aware as they are hoisted, skinned, and butchered alive.

  • SHOCKING GOVERNMENT OVERSIGHT: USDA FSIS (Food Safety Inspection Services) were documented in the presence of animals being tortured with prolonged deaths and illegal practices. No action was taken or enforced, only praised that the business, “does a good job…a real good job.” This, despite multiple violations and operation suspensions executed since 2015. Tragically, it seems that animal cruelty continues to be overlooked by governing agencies.

“The gross violations, pain, and suffering of the animals at Gray’s and Danny’s is ghastly and shocking,” Richard Couto, Founder of ARM told WAN. “What is as disturbing is that the brutal actions towards animals was done during USDA onsite inspections. As someone that has worked side by side with FSIS agents, I am sickened. I am demanding that justice be served.”

ARM also obtained information connecting Gray’s and Danny’s Slaughterhouse operations to Miami-Dade, Palm Beach, and Fort Myers animal slaughter industries. They are suspected of illegally slaughtering horses for human consumption.

ARM has submitted its evidence to USDA FSIS and Glades County Sheriff’s department with ARM’s request that Gray’s and Danny’s Investment, Inc. animal slaughter operations be shut down, all licenses revoked, and for the owners and operators to be arrested.

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