Powerful New Video Reveals The Tragic Plight Of Slow Lorises Being Kept As Pets; Support International Animal Rescue’s Campaign Against This Deplorable Trade!

Photos from International Animal Rescue

Five years from its initial ‘Tickling is Torture’ video exposing the plight of slow lorises being kept illegally as pets, International Animal Rescue (IAR) has produced a sequel, narrated by actor and animal advocate Peter Egan.

The heart-wrenching video was produced in response to the growing number of videos emerging on social media platforms TikTok and Instagram showing slow lorises being kept in people’s homes as though they are domestic pets.

Graphic footage illustrates that, before the lorises are sold, the traders cut out their teeth to make them easier to handle. Many of the primates die from blood loss or infection as a result of this barbaric practice.

“Hundreds of thousands of people have already signed the pledge never to support or encourage the illegal trade in slow lorises. Yet, still there are those who think it is acceptable to keep a wild slow loris cooped up in a cage in a domestic environment, feed it unsuitable food that will leave it malnourished and may even kill it. Then they parade the poor loris on social media, portraying it as cute and funny, when really its situation is desperately sad,” Alan Knight OBE, IAR Chief Executive said in a statement sent to WAN.

“The Javan slow loris is among the world’s 25 most endangered primates,” continued Knight. “In an ideal world, social media platforms like TikTok would remove such blatant examples of animal exploitation.”

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