Update! 350 Elephants Reportedly Killed By Poison In Botswana; Hold The Government Of Botswana & Those Responsible For The Poisoning Accountable!

UPDATE! WAN & Peace 4 Animals have learned from our partners on the ground in Africa that the 350 elephants found dead in Botswana were allegedly poisoned. The motive was reportedly due to the destruction of the community’s crops.

The Government of Botswana had the opportunity to step up and fix this massive issue by using deterrents and fences to prevent the elephants from eating and destroying the community’s crops due to lack of food and water. Why didn’t the government do anything? They must be held accountable for their inaction, as well as those responsible for the poisoning.

Justice must be served for these poor elephants to prevent a travesty like this from happening again. Botswana should also reinstate the country’s ban on trophy hunting.

Please Contact The Departments Below:

Ministry of Environment, Natural Resources Conservation and Tourism
Tel: +267 3647900 / +267 391 4955
Email: MENT_PR@gov.bw
Toll free Number: 0800 600 734

Department Of Wildlife & National Parks
+267 397 1405
Email: dwnp@gov.bw

Vice President Slumber Tsogwane
President Mokgweetsi Masisis
+267 365 0837
Email: gpitso@gov.bw

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