Take Action! Calls Needed This Week To Help Pass Important California Bill To Save Critical Rainforest Habitat From Deforestation

We Need Your Calls This Week! 

Peace 4 Animals co-sponsored bill, The California Deforestation-Free Procurement Act, AB 416 (Kalra), will be voted on in the Senate Appropriations Committee this week.

This important bill will protect tropical rainforests from being destroyed, and in turn, save the lives of critical endangered species and their habitat.

Please make three calls today to let the CA Chair, Vice Chair, and the Senate Pro Tem know that it is critical to pass (AB 416) this year! We must get this important policy passed so that the CA government’s purchasing does NOT contribute to tropical deforestation in critical habitat like the Amazon Rainforest.

Please ask that they support and urge their members to vote “YES” on AB 416!

Senate Pro Tem
Toni Atkins (D)

Chair, Senate Appropriations
Anthony Portantino (D)

Vice Chair, Senate Appropriations
Patricia Bates (R)

For more information on the California Deforestation-Free Procurement Act, CLICK HERE!

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