WAN Exclusive With Indraloka Animal Sanctuary About Their Five New Rescued Alpacas & Donations Needed To Help Them!

Photos from Indraloka Animal Sanctuary. Image above is of two of five recently rescued alpacas.

As one month ends and another begins, times are bittersweet at Indraloka Animal Sanctuary, which is currently home to more than 200 rescued farm animals; including five new alpacas that belonged to a family that could no longer care for them.

While most of the family’s animals were placed, there were still many in need of being rehomed. That is when Indraloka Animal Sanctuary and its compassionate Founder, Indra Lahiri, came to the rescue, not once, but twice.

WAN had the opportunity to speak with Lahiri about the sanctuary which provides “heaven on earth” for rescued farm animals in Dalton, Pennsylvania, who have nowhere else to go.

Indraloka Animal Sanctuary Founder Indra Lahiri with one of the residents

“Animals have the ability to let go of things that humans would not even survive once they feel safe,” Lahiri told WAN, thrilled that she and her team were able to help the alpacas in need, while simultaneously grieving the recent loss of one of the sanctuary’s most beloved residents and one of her “best friends,” a 13-year-old rescued pig named Duncan.

R.I.P Duncan

“It is shocking to think how close we can become with these animals while billions more are going to slaughter without anyone ever ‘seeing’ them,” continued Lahiri, further explaining how important it is to tell the stories of Indraloka’s rescues, “in a way that people start to recognize that alpacas and other animals are individuals, like people.”

Upon learning of five alpacas that needed a new home in late October, Indraloka Animal Sanctuary first opened its doors to two, who are now named “Sraddha” and “Emunah,” which means “faith” in Sanskrit and Hebrew, respectively.

The sweet and gentle animals joined the sanctuary’s existing alpaca, Sandy, who Lahiri describes as “extremely fragile and wobbly.” Usually rescuing animals that are the most in need, Indraloka first saved Sraddha and Emunah to help soften Sandy’s heartache after losing Duncan with whom she shared a close bond with.


“We know our resources are stretched thin, but we knew this was the right decision for Sandy’s emotional well-being, as well as these two alpacas being the right fit for the mix of personalities,” the sanctuary shared on its Facebook page at the time.

Not long after, in early November, Lahiri and Indraloka Animal Sanctuary welcomed the remaining three alpacas to their refuge.

“They are loving spending their days munching on grass, exploring their new surroundings, and meeting their neighbors through the fence,” noted the sanctuary which is requesting that people donate to the alpacas’ rescue fund. “We incurred a large cost when rescuing these magnificent boys. It costs $3,380 to care for one alpaca for one year. Now, we have six.”

According to Lahiri, the busy sanctuary, which is home to cows, horses, mules, goats, sheep, pigs of all sizes, chickens, turkeys, bunnies, cats, and a wild dog from India with an amputated leg, receives calls every day about farm animals needing to be rescued.

“We want to save them all,” said Lahiri, explaining that they also help place as many animals as they can with other sanctuaries.

As noted on its website, Indraloka Animal Sanctuary informs, inspires, and empowers the community, especially children, on ways in which to better care for themselves and the environment while helping animals in need. The nonprofit also advocates for “a kind and compassionate diet” that protects animals, the earth, and the health of people.

While experiencing the highs and lows of animal rescue, such as losing Duncan, Lahiri knows that she “will find joy again” as she continues to save as many animals as possible.

Donations to help Indraloka Animal Sanctuary with their rescued alpacas and their lifelong care can be made, HERE!

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