WAN Exclusive With Vincent DePaul Of Gangster Vegan Organics Who Is Feeding Thousands During The Pandemic With His ‘Feeding The Block‘ Campaign

Photos from: Vincent DePaul and Gangster Vegan Organics

Once a week in Norristown, Pennsylvania, and surrounding neighborhoods, Vincent DePaul, Founder of Gangster Vegan Organics Restaurants, and his team take to the streets to ensure that those in need have healthy plant-based food to help them through these challenging times.

WAN had the opportunity to talk with DePaul about his Vegan Gangster ‘Feed The Block’ Campaign and how others can contribute to assist in his initiative to help more people struggling beneath the dark cloud of COVID-19.

“God told me to be of service. Not everyone is privileged to have access to food in my community,” DePaul told WAN while explaining what inspired him to help others in need during this challenging time; even when three of his four Gangster Vegan Organics Restaurants are temporarily closed.

“Due to this crisis, all Gangster Vegan Locations have been closed, except our Norristown location. We have been severely affected by this unfortunate crisis,” DePaul shared. “However, we are still doing our part, feeding the community. We have been feeding families FREE hot organic vegan meals, and distributing hundreds of bags of FREE Fresh organic produce every week.”

According to DePaul, the reaction from the community has been amazing, noting that people everywhere love fresh fruits and vegetables.

“I used to live a life of sex, money, drugs, and violence. I hit rock bottom morally, financially, and spiritually. Broke and homeless, a complete stranger gave me my first fresh pressed juice which changed my life forever. I went through a profound life transformation and it led me to veganism,” DePaul shared with WAN. “Then, I created Gangster Vegan.”

DePaul further explained that initially Gangster Vegan began as a T-shirt line; and for every shirt sold, an inner-city child would be provided with a free hot organic vegan meal.

In 2014, this compassionate gesture turned into DePaul’s Gangster Vegan Organics Restaurant chain. Presently, Gangster Vegan Organics has several Pennsylvania locations including restaurants in Norristown, Media, and Phoenixville. There is also a Gangster Vegan Organics Restaurant in Baltimore, Maryland, with another set to open in Riverdale.

DePaul shares updates and valuable information about eating a plant-based diet on his social media platforms.

Please Continue To Visit The Gangster Vegan Organics Facebook Page To Find Out Where Vegan Gangster Organics Feed The Block’ Will Be Distributing Free Food Next, HERE!

“Many families are suffering and cannot even get to a store to purchase food,” continued DePaul. “We cannot do it alone, and we ask for YOUR continual Love and Support. Please donate as we continue to feed the world, healthy free food. It takes a village. Thank You. God Bless.”

People Can Donate To Help DePaul And His Gangster Vegan Organics Team To Continue Their Important And Compassionate Work Of Feeding The Block’ In The Following Ways:

VENMO: Vinnyvegan
PAYPAL: gangstervegan@gmail.com

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