Breaking! Animal Rights Organization SAFE Protests The Live Export Trade Today In New Zealand As Ship Arrives To Take Animals To Slaughter

Members of the animal rights organization SAFE demonstrated their opposition to the live export trade today by protesting against the arrival of a livestock carrier at Auckland Port in New Zealand. The ship plans to travel to New Plymouth on Friday to collect live animals for export.

“When we export animals, they suffer. When Kiwis learn about these ships coming to New Zealand, they protest,” noted a post on the organization’s Facebook page. “We will be at Auckland Port today making our position clear – We Must Ban Live Export.”

In a statement on SAFE’s website, SAFE’s Campaign Manager Marianne Macdonald stated that New Zealanders are appalled by the export of live animals.

“By shipping animals overseas, we undermine our animal welfare laws,” said Macdonald. “New Zealand has already banned the export of live animals for slaughter, but even animals exported for breeding purposes will eventually be slaughtered in the destination country.”

Agriculture Minister Hon Damien O’Connor announced a review of the live export trade in June of 2019, following an ABC News exposé that showed New Zealand- and Australian-supplied cows suffering in Sri Lanka.

The Minister has indicated his preference for a conditional ban on live exports, however, his review excludes the majority of farmed animals that New Zealand exports, most of which are day-old chicks.

“The Government’s review excludes 99% of the animals that suffer in the live export industry. The review covers only sheep, goats, deer and cows. We have not exported deer since 2015, but we shipped over two million day-old chicks last year,” concluded Macdonald. “The Government has received thousands of submissions in support of a total ban on live export. They need to listen to the people and announce a ban.”

Urge the Government of New Zealand to stop this barbaric practice and place a ban on the live export of all animals by emailing the Agriculture Minister at: Damien.O’

You can help all animals and our planet by choosing compassion on your plate and in your glass. #GoVeg

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