Take Action Today For American Circus Animals, Urge Your Senators To Support The Traveling Exotic Animal & Public Safety Protection Act

Today is an important Day of Action For American Circus Animals, raising awareness for those that have endured a life of captivity for entertainment and that urgently need your help. Animal Defenders International is asking everyone across the country to contact their Representatives and Senators asking them to co-sponsor the Traveling Exotic Animal & Public Safety Protection Act (TEAPSPA, H.R.2863/S2121).

As previously reported by WAN, the federal bill TEAPSPA, which would end the suffering of wild and exotic animals in traveling circuses in the United States, was reintroduced in the U.S. House of Representatives in May 2019.

TEAPSPA supporters include former New Jersey State Senator Ray Lesniak, and celebrities such as: Ed Asner, Bob Barker, James Cromwell, Moby, and Joaquin Phoenix, among many others.

Peace 4 Animals and WAN are among a coalition of 20 animal welfare organizations in the United States that also supports this important piece of legislation.

Animals used to perform for entertainment in circuses aren’t given a choice. Unlike human entertainers, they are kept imprisoned and forced to take part day after day in cruel circus shows. It’s time to end this exploitation and ban the use of exotic animals in circuses throughout the country.

The time is now for the U.S. to make history by joining many other countries around the world that have taken a stand for animals and banned wild animals used in traveling circuses.

How you can help:

  1. First, click on the link HERE!

  2. Enter the first line of your address and zip code and it will bring up your Senators and Representatives.

  3. Send an email – include a personal message saying why you care about ending the use of wild animals in traveling circuses.

You can also message members of Congress via Twitter, Facebook, or call them by phone.

As many people as possible are needed to take part today, October 7th, so that a message is sent loud and clear that it is time to stop the suffering of circus animals in the United States. 

If you are unable to participate today, please send a message whenever you can.

You can also leave a comment HERE!

You can help all animals and our planet by choosing compassion on your plate and in your glass. #GoVeg

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