The ASPCA Assists In The Rescue Of Nearly 150 Dogs & Cows From Alleged Cruelty Case In Texas

At the request of the Midlothian Police Department, ASPCA’s teams were on the ground late last week in Ellis County, Texas, assisting with the rescue of nearly 150 dogs and cows from a property southwest of Dallas.

When investigators arrived on scene, they discovered adult dogs and puppies living in various areas across the property in extreme heat with little access to fresh water or food. Many of the dogs were contained in a shed-like structure with no light or air circulation. There was an internal temperature of over 110 degrees and elevated levels of ammonia on-site.

The dogs had soiled, matted coats, and some were found underweight and suffering from untreated medical issues that require immediate veterinary care. Several cows who were also removed from the property had no access to proper food or water or adequate care for their hooves, they also showed signs of intestinal parasites. Horrifically, deceased dogs were also found on the property.

“The animals that the ASPCA helped rescue from this cruel situation were exposed to extreme heat and living in dangerous conditions where their basic needs were not being met. Once we learned about this situation, it was clear that immediate action was needed to bring these dogs and cows to safety,” said Teresa Ladner, Senior Director of Investigations for the ASPCA.

“The ASPCA is proud to be in a position where we can collaborate with local agencies across the country to provide the necessary resources and expertise that help protect at-risk animals, and we commend the Midlothian Police Department for recognizing the need for assistance and prioritizing animal welfare in their community,” continued Ladner.

The ASPCA assisted with operational planning, animal removal and transport, evidence collection and crime scene processing, and will continue to help with investigative and legal support, forensics exams, and behavior evaluations. They are also providing the animals that have been removed from the property with specialized sheltering, medical care, and behavioral treatment and enrichment. The rescued dogs are now receiving care at an ASPCA recovery center.

The Tri-City Animal Shelter & Adoption Center also assisted with this case by providing short-term shelter for some of the animals until they could be relocated for ongoing treatment and care. Additionally, the SPCA of Texas also provided transport assistance to help safely relocate the animals.

“This is likely the worst animal neglect case I have seen. The City of Midlothian Animal Services has worked hard to address this situation, but the number of animals in need of care greatly exceeds our capabilities,” said Midlothian Police Department Assistant Chief of Police Scott Brown.

“Our Animal Services team, along with our Criminal Investigations Division, was able to partner with the ASPCA and attain the resources that were necessary to alleviate our community of this nuisance. We simply could not have handled this case in a timely manner without the services of the ASPCA,” said Brown.

Animal cruelty charges are pending based on evidence collected by the ASPCA and the Midlothian Police Department. The ASPCA is providing investigative and legal assistance to further support the investigation and prosecution and to ensure the best legal outcome for these animals.

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