Notorious Trophy Hunter, Riaan Naude, Was Reportedly Shot & Killed In South Africa

Photos from Pro Hunt Africa, Facebook

Riaan Naude, a trophy hunter in South Africa known for “proudly” displaying images of himself with innocent animals that he killed for so-called “sport,” has been killed. Naude’s company Pro Hunt Africa has taken the lives of many threatened and endangered species throughout South Africa.

Environmentalist Julio César Martínez shared the news on his Twitter account earlier this week.

“The hunter, who killed dozens of wild animals, Riaan Naude, was killed in his car when he was hunting,” Martinez tweeted. “He was found shot in the head in Limpopo, South Africa.”

According to reports, Naude’s lifeless body was found next to his car. Naude reportedly had pulled off the road near Mokopane because his vehicle overheated. Hunting rifles, clothing, water, whiskey, and pajamas were also reportedly found inside his vehicle.

While the motive for Naude’s murder is unknown at this time, it is rumored that locals felt a high level of hatred for the hunter who had senselessly killed so many animals.

This is reflected in the numerous comments made by people in response to the news that Naude was murdered, many referring to “karma” while one noted that “Justice was finally served.”

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