Drew Barrymore & Quorn USA Partner To Launch New Meatless Chicken Campaign To Make Plant-Based Food More Affordable

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Last year, Drew Barrymore and Quorn USA entered into a multi-year business partnership which features the globally recognized actress as the brand’s first-ever “Chief Mom Officer” (CMO). Through the collaboration, Barrymore is helping Quorn extend its goal of providing healthy food for people and the planet throughout the United States.

“This partnership is very personal for me. As a mom of two daughters, I know the importance of having affordable, easily accessible, and delicious options that I feel good about serving my kids,” Barrymore said in a statement. “I love this brand because the integrity of its mission truly motivates me and I’m honored to be joining as Chief Mom Officer.”

The recent partnership coincides with several new product launches this fall, including Quorn Meatless ChiQin Cutlets and Quorn Meatless ChiQin Wings. On an ongoing basis, Barrymore will work with the brand to help develop new products, create recipes in partnership with the brand’s Executive Chef Stephen Kalil, and share content on how to incorporate more meat alternatives into mealtime.

Barrymore is currently appearing in Quorn USA’s newest ad campaign along with ChiQin.

“The spot was inspired by the fact that I have not eaten chicken in about 10 years,” noted Barrymore. “So we played into that idea; highlighting an amazing day with my best friend, ‘ChiQin.’ We do all the things typical best friends would do: we jump in a cab, go shopping, watch scary movies, and of course, eat Quorn Meatless Nuggets. Since Quorn is a meat-free brand that has the best Meatless Nuggets, among many other great products without the chicken, the spot closes with the tagline, ‘because you wouldn’t eat your best friend.’”

This partnership expands Quorn’s plans to extend its U.S. presence through newly appointed leadership and a state-of-the-art Culinary Development Center. A significant investment from parent company, Monde Nissin Corporation, will position Quorn for accelerated growth with the intent to ultimately become the king of alternative chicken globally, while simultaneously driving awareness across domestic audiences.

“From our first conversation with Drew, it was evident that she was the right partner for our brand due to her familiarity with the product,” stated Quorn President Judd Zusel. “Beyond that, she embodies the spirit of our current consumers and we see the potential for her to inspire our current and future business ventures. We are excited for her to lend her culinary, creative, and business expertise to the brand, as well as her experience as a consumer and mom.”

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