Global Conservation Launches $50 Million Global Parks Fund To Protect Over 100 Of The Last Intact Endangered National Parks In The World

Global Conservation has established a new $50 million Global Parks Fund focused on protecting endangered National Parks in developing countries.

The organization is the only international non-profit focused exclusively on directly funding the protection of endangered National Parks in developing countries. Unlike government-to-government funding, often compromised by corruption and mismanagement, Global Conservation has developed the most cost-effective model for direct funding of protection for forests and wildlife habitats.

“Protecting National Parks is the most cost-effective solution for stopping deforestation and preserving biodiversity,” said Jeff Morgan, founder and executive director of Global Conservation. “Forest loss, especially in the tropics – Amazon, Congo, and Asia – is responsible for nearly 12% of the climate crisis. By protecting 100 existing National Parks with large, intact forests in developing countries, the Global Parks Fund can protect over 100 million acres of tropical forests and wildlife habitats, equating to eliminating 250 million automobiles.”

Global Parks Fund is critical for achieving UN Climate Goals and the new “30×30” land/sea protection goals adopted by 260 countries in Montreal in early 2023. The aim is to conserve 30% of the Earth’s land and marine habitat by 2030. Protecting 100 million acres of intact forests, especially in the tropics, can potentially achieve up to 1% of UN Climate Goals over the next 10 years.

Global Conservation delivers a proven model for park and wildlife protection – Global Park Defense – a highly effective and scalable program of park protection systems, equipment and training over five years. The Fund also works to ensure financial sustainability for 6-15 years after the Global Park Defense program is complete.

Global Park Defense combines the use of modern technologies – including satellite imagery and drones, cellular trail cameras, marine radars, EarthRanger and SMART Patrolling systems – with community-based enforcement to prevent illegal logging, poaching, and encroachment in National Parks. By providing local communities with the tools and training needed to protect their parks, Global Conservation’s model promotes sustainable development and supports the livelihoods of those living in and around the protected areas.

Global Park Defense is now used in over 25 national parks and will be replicated around the world with direct funding from the new $50 million Global Parks Fund.

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