More Than 40 Organizations Worldwide Call For A Ban On The Elephant Ivory Trade In Canada To Help Save Elephants From Extinction

As the Canadian government’s public consultation on the elephant ivory trade comes to an end, Humane Society International/Canada, Elephanatics, and more than 40 Canadian and international NGOs, together representing tens of millions of supporters globally, have signed a letter calling on the new Canadian government to take urgent action to prohibit the elephant ivory trade.

Environment and Climate Change Canada launched the public consultation to hear feedback on proposed measures to restrict or end the elephant ivory trade on July 23, 2021. During the 60-day consultation period, Canadians and individuals around the world voiced their support for ending Canada’s role.

“Canadians have made it clear that there is no place for the elephant ivory trade in Canada,” said Kelly Butler, wildlife campaign manager for Humane Society International/Canada, in a statement. “We are now calling on the newly elected Canadian government to listen to the overwhelming number of Canadians and international stakeholders who supported strict elephant ivory trade prohibitions and implement these measures urgently. Elephants do not have another four years to wait.”

“The African elephant population has declined by a staggering 96% in the last century alone and the species is at risk of going extinct in the wild within the next few decades without global intervention,” said Tessa Vanderkop, Vice President of Elephanatics. “The United Nations Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES), and leading conservation organizations including the African Elephant Coalition have called for countries to close their legal elephant ivory markets in order to curtail poaching and save African elephants from extinction. Experts from around the world agree that it’s beyond due time for Canada to close its elephant ivory market.”

The urgent letter calls on the Canadian government to implement the strictest measures that were proposed in the consultation, including prohibitions on importing elephant ivory for commercial purposes or as hunting trophies.

Every year, as many as 35,000 elephants tragically die at the hands of elephant ivory poachers in Africa. According to a 2020 poll by Insights West, 94% of Canadians support an elephant ivory trade ban.

Organizations that signed the letter include: African Conservation Foundation, Animal Defenders International, Animal Justice, Animals Asia Foundation, BC SPCA, Born Free Foundation, IFAW Canada, International Animal Rescue.

For a full list of the organizations in support, CLICK HERE!

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