Sadistic Wisconsin Resident Kenneth Herrera Has Been Prosecuted For Paying Video Operators Overseas To Film Monkeys Being Tortured

Animal protection groups Lady Freethinker and Action for Primates have welcomed the prosecution of Wisconsin resident Kenneth Herrera – who the groups first identified to law enforcement in 2021 – for paying a video operator in Indonesia to brutally torture a baby macaque on camera.

The federal animal crushing charge was detailed in a plea agreement, which states that Herrera had messaged a video maker in Indonesia and horrifically asked that they use a hammer to break a juvenile monkey’s hands, arms, and feet. Herrera went on to request even more heinous acts against the poor defenseless animal.

Records state that 10 video files showing the macaque being tortured were later sent to Herrera.

In 2021, Action for Primates and Lady Freethinker first exposed the private online groups where people ordered and payed for videos depicting the horrifying torture and killing of baby monkeys. The groups have published reports by researching and sending intelligence and information to law enforcement.

“Paying for the torture and killing of baby monkeys for online ‘entertainment’ – or for any reason – is appaling and must never be tolerated. We are relieved that this individual, who is responsible for unimaginable cruelty, was prosecuted, and hope it will deter others from carrying out similar sadistic acts,” said Nina Jackel, president and founder of Lady Freethinker.

“We welcome this action taken by law enforcement. Those involved in the horrifying torture and killing of baby monkeys must be held to account, and others deterred from taking part in such perverted and sadistic behavior. We hope that this action will send a clear message – that there are legal consequences for those who take part in these atrocities,” said Sarah Kite, co-founder of Action for Primates.

Monkey torture online was also the focus of a recent BBC documentary, The Monkey Haters, which highlighted the use of social media in a global monkey torture ring that produces, shares, and sells online monkey torture content spanning from Indonesia to the United States.

The groups are also urging social media platforms and messaging platforms, such as YouTube, Facebook, and Telegram, to do more to prevent videos showing monkeys being tortured and killed from spreading on their platforms and have launched a petition.

Please take action to stop this horrific animal abuse by signing the group’s petition HERE!

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