Undercover Investigation By Lady Freethinker Exposes Shocking Cruelty In Dog & Cat Meat Trade In Vietnam

Photos by Lady Freethinker

A new undercover investigation by animal protection group Lady Freethinker into the dog and cat meat trade in Hanoi, Vietnam, reveals dogs and cats crowded in tiny cages, huddled together for comfort, as they trembled and cried out in fear.

This investigation follows South Korea’s recent ban on dog meat, and Lady Freethinker is calling on Vietnam to adopt similar legislation to end the cruel industry. Banning the trade could save approximately five million dogs and one million cats from a gruesome death each year and reduce human health risks like rabies.

The investigator made several visits to Huu Hung St, Thu Y Street in the Hoai Duc District, and restaurants in the city center in January 2024, and found extreme suffering of dogs and cats. Workers grabbed struggling dogs by the neck with long metal tongs, hit them over the head repeatedly with a giant club while restrained, and then moved onto the next dog in the cage.

Dogs were visibly shaking in fear as they watched other dogs slaughtered right in front of them. Meat from the animals was also processed on top of the cages of live dogs, with blood dripping onto the faces of the frightened animals.

One dog was clubbed over the head repeatedly and then tossed into a bin. The dog appeared paralyzed in an unnatural position and took multiple, labored breaths while appearing to die slowly on top of two other dogs’ bodies.

Some cats wore collars – suggesting they were stolen companion animals. Others were presumably strays or bred for slaughter.

There is growing concern, particularly among younger Vietnamese citizens, for cat and dog welfare. Recent polls have reported that the majority of Vietnamese citizens support a ban on dog and cat meat and do not believe cat and dog meat is a part of Vietnam’s culture.

Rabies is a serious concern in the dog meat trade, as the recent death of a man involved in the dog meat tradeshows. Lady Freethinker’s investigator noted the animals appeared “sick, thin, covered in sores, and likely carrying parasitic infections.”

“The evidence is clear – dogs and cats are suffering immensely in Vietnam’s meat trade, and human health is at risk as well,” said Lady Freethinker Founder Nina Jackel. “I urge the government to take action to stop this cruel and dangerous industry.”

Please sign Lady Freethinker’s petition to ban Vietnam’s horrific dog and cat meat trade, HERE!

You can help all animals and our planet by choosing compassion on your plate and in your glass. #GoVeg

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