Urgent Call To Action! Help Stop Massive Slaughter Of Thousands Of Wild Horses & Burros By The BLM In The United States

The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) just released a profoundly misguided report which includes provisions for massive roundups of 20,000 to 30,000 wild horses and burros each year in the United States. The report also calls for the most brutal and barbaric sterilization procedures available which can often prove fatal in wild equines.

We have just 60 days before Congress approves this funding, so it is urgent that we act now to let our legislators know how utterly unacceptable this plan is.

Congress directed the BLM to provide a report on how it would spend the appropriated $21 million dollars in additional funding for the wild horse and burro program for the Fiscal Year 2020. The latest report from the Bureau is concerning for the future of wild equines.

The Bureau’s report was nearly a year late and arrives at a time when legislators are focused on addressing the wide-ranging issues caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Congressional legislators may overlook this devastating report unless we contact them and make our voices heard.

The cost of the plan has been described as staggering by evaluators. This unsustainable cost of about one billion dollars in the first five years is a thinly-veiled plan to eventually sell the wild horses to slaughter because they are said to be “unaffordable.”

We must act now to urge the U.S. Congress to halt funding for the Bureau’s ethically and economically disastrous plans.

What YOU Can Do:

1. Please urge your two U.S. senators and your one U.S. representative to reject the Bureau’s report and the $21 million dollars in additional funding associated with it.

Please make three simple phone calls to your legislators by entering your zip code and clicking the federal tab HERE!

When you call, state your name, your town or city, and telephone number. Be courteous. You may wish to say:

In its latest Report to Congress, the Bureau of Land Management is not giving Congress the whole truth. The Bureau has used massive wild horse roundups and removals in its failed system for decades and it does not work. The National Academy of Sciences documents the “compensatory reproduction” phenomenon that roundups cause. It is like trying to fill a pail with water that has a hole in the bottom. Additionally, surgical sterilizations should NEVER be performed on wild herds. You must reject this latest BLM report, and the $21 million in additional funding – unless the funding is only used for humane, reversible PZP fertility control.  

2.  Please send In Defense of Animals’ email (with your personal touch) to your three congresspersons HERE!

Content courtesy of In Defense of Animals. Help them continue fighting for animals, people, and the environment by making a donation HERE!

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