Victory! Australian Parliament Bans Live Sheep Exports In Historic Move; Is The EU Next?

Animal activists across Australia are rejoicing following the announcement by the Australian Parliament to ban the inhumane maritime live export of sheep starting in 2028. This monumental decision marks a significant victory for the welfare of farm animals.

In May 2024, Australia’s Parliament announced the end of the cruel maritime live export of sheep, and in under two months, the legislation was officially passed.

“This is a huge success for the affected animals and a good practice for animal welfare worldwide. Sheep won’t have to endure long, torturous journeys on crowded cargo ships and unthinkable conditions like extreme temperatures, high levels of stress, infections, and a lack of food and water anymore. Australia’s example shows that change is possible,” said Corinna Reinisch, Program Lead Farm Animal Welfare at FOUR PAWS.

As Australia takes a proactive step to protect sheep, there is increasing pressure on the EU, which is the top global exporter of live animals worldwide, to follow suit.

“Now we need the EU decisionmakers to follow this stellar example: This development must open up further discussions on the Transport Proposal that the EU Commission published late last year,” continued Reinisch. “As the world’s biggest exporter of live animals, it’s time for sustainable change and prioritizing the wellbeing of farm animals. Transport via sea must come to an end in Australia, the EU, and across the world.”

Sadly, 1.5 billion birds and 51 million cows, pigs, sheep, and goats are transported annually by road and sea within and beyond the European Union. Sheep rank as the second most exported animals in the EU, following birds.

The staggering numbers conceal real-life tragedies that occur too frequently, causing unnecessary suffering. Untreated injuries, heat stroke, and malnourishment are just some of the horrific reasons animals perish at sea. These disasters could be avoided if the EU chose to ban the export of live animals by sea.

It is imperative that we remain steadfast in our determination to put an end to the cruel and unjust transportation of farm animals across the globe. Let us continue to advocate for change, striving towards a more humane and compassionate future for all farm animals.

Take action to urge the EU to end live animal export, HERE!

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