Victory! Great Britain Has Finally Banned The Live Export Of Farm Animals

The Animal Welfare (Livestock Exports) Bill, that will ban farmed animals from being exported from Great Britain for slaughter, has passed its final stage in Parliament and will soon become law.

For decades, this horrific, unnecessary, and outdated trade, that has subjected millions of animals to long, grueling journeys in cramped vehicles, causing suffering, exhaustion, and even death, will finally come to an end.

This victory is the result of the tireless efforts of numerous organizations, including Compassion In World Farming International (CIWF), which has been fighting against live exports for over 50 years.

CIWF’s undercover investigations have brought to light the harsh conditions animals endure during transport, and their events have helped raise public awareness on this issue. Through their petitions, CIWF has been a leading force in urging the UK government to take action. This legislation marks a significant step towards a more compassionate and ethical treatment of animals.

“This is a huge day to celebrate and one that has been long-awaited. For decades, farmed animals have endured these senseless and arduous exports to the continent – but no longer! I am phenomenally proud of our supporters whose dedication and persistence have helped secure this hard-fought victory,” said Philip Lymbery, CEO of CIWF in a statement.

“It has been a very difficult journey to get this policy over the line with many stumbling blocks along the way. It’s a relief to see this horrific practice now end once and for all and we congratulate the Prime Minister and his Government for making it happen,” continued Lymbery.

Worldwide, millions of farmed animals endure journeys of hundreds or even thousands of miles each year, only to be slaughtered upon arrival or fattened in inhumane conditions. Cattle, sheep, pigs, and other farm animals are routinely transported by road or sea for days or even weeks at a time, during which they may suffer immensely.

The Animal Welfare (Livestock Exports) Bill will contribute to the growing global momentum to improve the welfare of live animals subjected to long and unnecessary journeys. Australia has committed to ending the export of sheep by May 1st, 2028, and last year, a Brazilian court banned the export of live cattle from the country’s ports. CIWF continues to advocate for a ban on this cruel trade in the EU and Northern Ireland.

Learn more about the success of the Ban Live Exports Campaign, HERE!

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