The U.S. Department Of Defense Just Released All Of Kabul Small Animal Rescue’s Dogs On The Streets Of Afghanistan

Update! 51 contract working dogs have reportedly been left in Kabul. We will keep everyone updated when we find out more information on who is responsible for the working dogs. Sadly, the rescue dogs from Kabul Small Animal Rescue were released by the U.S. Department of Defense. 


Heartbreaking news as WAN & Peace 4 Animals received word that the U.S. Department of Defense just released all of Kabul Small Animal Rescue’s dogs on the streets of Afghanistan to fend for themselves. There will be renewed rescue efforts starting on or about September 2nd.

The cats in Kabul Small Animal Rescue’s care did not clear the gate at Hamid Karzai International Airport, sadly, despite many attempts to do so. Thankfully, the cats are now safe and currently at Nowzad Rescue. They will try to evacuate them once things settle a bit.

The Founder of Kabul Small Animal Rescue, Charlotte Maxwell-Jones, has refused to leave Kabul because she would not give up one of her disabled rescue dogs. She, along with her staff are safe.

Thank you to all of the amazing organizations who have worked so hard to try to help Kabul Small Animal Rescue evacuate their animals. The efforts must continue, we cannot give up hope!

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