Over 30 Dead Whales & 24 Dolphins Have Washed Ashore On The East Coast Since December Of 2022; Are Offshore Projects To Blame?

Earlier this week, the Monmouth County Board of County Commissioners issued a resolution calling for the immediate investigation of offshore projects and marine animal deaths along the New Jersey coastline.

As per Commissioner Director Thomas A. Arnone, there is an unprecedented number of dead whales and dolphins washing ashore in the area, with one drifting ashore in Sea Bright as recently as Sunday, April 2nd.

Thirty-one whales have washed ashore on the East Coast since Dec. 1st, according to NOAA. Eleven whales and 24 dolphins have reportedly washed ashore on the New Jersey coast so far in 2023.

“We are pushing for an independent investigation into the potentially catastrophic impacts of the proposed 3,400 offshore wind turbines along the Jersey Shore,” Rep. Chris Smith (R-Manchester), said in a statement. “American democracy is all about consent of the governed, and we have not given our consent to turn our shore into an industrialized offshore wind farm. Governor Murphy and President Biden cannot hide behind shoddy environmental impact statements any longer, the people of New Jersey deserve better.”

“What we are asking through our Bill AR 181 is a complete moratorium on all activity related to the surveying and mapping in advance of the wind turbines. We feel that is a reasonable stance under the circumstances,” stated Assemblyman Gerry Scharfenberger (LD-13). “Once a definitive cause has been identified, then we are asking for corrective measures in place before any resumption of these activities. Everyone wants alternative energy, what they don’t want is alternative energy at any cost.”

Assemblywoman Victoria Flynn (LD-13) noted that,“Shore town residents are outraged that their voice has been squelched in a coordinated effort of the State and federal government to rush through a so-called environmentally friendly project that will forever change our Jersey Shore coastline.”

“We need to hit pause to ensure any offshore activity is safe, not only for the whales and dolphins, but also to ensure that offshore activity will not impact our State’s economy,” shared Flynn.

“I encourage all elected officials in Monmouth County to join us in supporting our environment and asking our State and federal agencies to provide ALL of the information about these deaths so that the best decision possible can be made to protect our marine life and our coastlines,” concluded Arnone.

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