Philadelphia Set To Become The First City In The United States To Replace Horse Carriages With Electric Carriages

Philadelphia is in line to be the first city in the United States to roll out electric carriages and eliminate the use of horses once and for all.

Eric Lerner, Chief Operating Officer of Brady Hunter Foundation, and Josh Fox, Executive Director of Brady Hunter Foundation, have offered to provide Philadelphia with electric carriages from creator Alphonso Hernandez Olmo, with a guarantee from City Councilman Mark Squilla to introduce legislation for a ban this year.

According to Lerner, this important move will demonstrate that horses can be retired while also reviving economic opportunities for horse carriage workers.

“All species are created equal. I am so happy to find that the suffering will end for horses in Philadelphia,” Fox said in a statement. “I helped establish the Brady Hunter Foundation to end animal cruelty and protect wildlife, including the removal of horse-drawn carriages across the country. We are excited to work with Councilman Squilla and the Revolution Philadelphia team to introduce this bill and privately finance the removal of horse-drawn carriages.”

Revolution Philadelphia, a nonprofit animal rights organization and Brady Hunter Foundation, met with Councilman Squilla on March 24th to discuss the ongoing problem and an electric carriage prototype for Philadelphia that is already underway.

As previously reported by WAN, Ryder was the elderly horse who collapsed in August and was beaten by his owner, Ian McKeever in New York City. Sadly, Ryder passed away last October.

“With this transition from cruelty to compassion, we anticipate legislation in the near future that will ban horse-drawn carriages for good. Our goal is to never allow horses to be exploited by pulling carriages in Philadelphia again,” concluded Stephanie Curson of Revolution Philadelphia.

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