‘Invisible Animals’ In Estonia Sent Buses To Help Animals & Refugees Escape Ukraine While Also Supporting Those Left Behind In The War Torn Country

Photos from Invisible Animals, Facebook page

Animal welfare organization Nähtamatud Loomad, also known as Invisible Animals, recently made history in Estonia by assembling on the Polish-Ukrainian border to help save animals from the war zone. The organization also delivered three tons of food, water, fuel, and other necessities at the Ukrainian border humanitarian aid post for workers and animals in Ukrainian shelters.

After receiving requests from Ukrainian animal welfare organizations which needed help transporting shelter animals from Ukraine to safe places, Invisible Animals sent two buses to the Ukrainian border.

They have since returned to Estonia filled with a team from Invisible Animals, 14 rescued dogs, one cat, and 34 war refugees and families.

“We organized food aid and an animal rescue operation at a record speed thanks to the help of good supporters. Animals are often overlooked in war zones, so it is important to contribute to alleviating their suffering. These animals can only count on people’s help,” Kristina Mering, CEO of Invisible Animals, who coordinated the rescue operation from Estonia, said in a statement. “Some of the rescued animals were evacuated from the Kiev shelter under a bomb.”

All animals that have been rescued will undergo an initial medical examination and be placed in a quarantine facility with safe conditions for 21 days. Veterinarians visit the animals regularly to monitor their health.

“As an animal welfare organization, Invisible Animals is committed to ensuring that animals in need receive it. Removing animals safely from a hotbed and quarantining them in Estonia to minimize risks is a difficult rescue operation with many changing circumstances,” the organization shared in a post on its Facebook page last week.

The work of Invisible Animals will continue as they save more animals that are victims of the senseless war. The organization also makes donations to animal shelters throughout Ukraine.

To help support their rescue operation, veterinary costs, and the creation of quarantine areas, please consider making a donation HERE!

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