21 Dogs From The Dog Meat Trade & Puppy Mills Are Rescued & Relocated From China To Canada By Lady Freethinker, World Of Angels Foundation & Rescue PAWS

Main image from World of Angels Foundation, Facebook

Lady Freethinker and partners arranged for 21 rescue dogs in Beijing, China, to be relocated to Vancouver, British Columbia. The flight, which arrived at Vancouver International Airport on Wednesday, March 16th, represents a new chance at life for many of these animals who will be united with their adoptive families for the first time.

This is Andy. Photos of rescue dogs from Lady Freethinker

The dogs on the flight were rescued from dire situations, including the dog meat trade, puppy mills, and as strays. A litter of five puppies, whose pregnant mother was saved from being loaded onto a dog meat truck, was among those on the plane. Passengers also included a schnauzer named Angie who was a puppy mill dog about to be sold to a slaughterhouse. Many other dogs had been abandoned by their owners and were living on the streets.


“We are ecstatic to witness these dogs complete their journey from China to Vancouver,” Nina Jackel, Founder and President of Lady Freethinker told WAN. “Lady Freethinker is proud to have worked on this rescue effort with other organizations who believe in protecting and defending those who cannot speak for themselves.”



Jackel’s animal rights nonprofit generously donated $43,400 to relocate the dogs from Beijing to Vancouver, in partnership with World of Angels Foundation, which was housing the dogs at its shelter in China. Rescue PAWS Canada has also been instrumental in finding these rescued animals a loving adoptive home.


Lady Freethinker’s donation covers the costs of the rescues, which includes three days of boarding in Anshan, China, transportation from Anshan to Beijing, inspection and paperwork, crate costs, airport transportation, export paperwork, microchips, and flight costs.


“Love knows no borders,” World of Angels Founder Yi Ping Lai further explained in an email sent to WAN, while also taking the opportunity to salute the many faceless animal heroes and activists in China who have collaborated with and supported the organization. “It was so heartwarming and uplifting to watch how adoptive families opened up their hearts and arms to welcome our beautiful dogs into their homes. It was an extremely challenging journey for our dogs to endure, but, in the end, it was so worth it.”

“This is PEPPER, one of our Canadian arrivals from our rescue flight the other evening. She’s already getting along wonderfully with her new owner Robert,” World of Angels Foundation shared on its Facebook page along with the heartwarming images.

“They make such a beautiful little family, we are very happy they have found each other,” Ping Lai said.

Caryl Himmelmann, co-founder of Rescue PAWS agrees. “To see these beautiful animals safe and sound and with their new forever families confirms that all the work that goes into rescuing is well worth it,” stated Himmelmann. “It gives us the strength and encouragement to continue to fight for animal welfare.”


Please consider donating to help Lady Freethinker save more animals overseas from the dog meat trade and puppy mills, HERE!

You can help all animals and our planet by choosing compassion on your plate and in your glass. #GoVeg

You can help all animals and our planet by choosing compassion on your plate and in your glass. #GoVeg

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