More Shocking Abuse Is Exposed In New Undercover Investigation Of South Korea’s Dog Meat Trade

A new five-month-long undercover investigation by Los Angeles-based Last Chance for Animals (LCA) and Seoul-based Animal Liberation Wave (ALW) has revealed more shocking atrocities from South Korea’s dog meat trade.

LCA’s and ALW’s investigation, which concluded in June of 2022, focused on South Korea’s Seongnam Moran Market, known as the mecca of dog meat. Investigators uncovered the brazen work of “middle merchants” that travel by truck across South Korea, buying pet dogs from households, churches, and factories to be sold at auction houses. LCA and ALW investigations have proven that dogs in the Moran Market are being killed by electrocution, beating, and hanging, which is animal cruelty prohibited by South Korea’s Animal Protection Act.

“The cruelty that these dogs continue to suffer is harrowing and heartbreaking,” Chris DeRose, President and Founder of LCA, said in a statement. “Drone footage captured slaughterers stabbing dogs repeatedly with electric prods. These dogs need our help. They need action. Seongnam City needs to take a decisive step toward preventing these heinous deaths by ending the sale of dog meat from Moran Market once and for all. Continued inaction is not acceptable.”

LCA’s and ALW’s drone footage captured trucks delivering dogs to the Ansan slaughterhouse stuffed in small wire cages. The dogs were suffering from injuries, shortness of breath, and sudden changes in body temperature during transport. Through its investigation, LCA and ALW also confirmed that there are 10 shops in Moran Market that sell “dog meat” or “Bosintang,” which is dog meat soup. Behind the scenes, there is still a nationwide network of middle merchants, as well as illegal slaughterhouses, auction houses, and farms.

“Dogs bred on meat farms and pet dogs all meet the same fate,” stated Jiyen Lee, Founder of ALW. “They are electrocuted. They are beaten. They are tortured. The world is now calling on South Korea to shut down these illegal slaughterhouses and the industry that perpetuates deplorable acts of violence on man’s best friend. Our leaders must heed this call.”

This 2022 LCA and ALW investigation followed a previous eight-month undercover investigation in 2021 that resulted in lawsuits filed against two slaughterhouses and an auction house in Yeoju in Gyeonggi Province. The slaughterhouses were shut down. The auction house owner was fined a meager $4,000 but continues to operate due to inaction by Yeoju City officials. Investigations have demonstrated that facilities involved in the dog meat industry can easily continue operating as their annual revenue far exceeds the fines they are charged with when caught violating the law.

Footage from the undercover investigation can be viewed HERE!

LCA and ALW are urging concerned citizens in the U.S. and abroad to sign a petition demanding an end to this brutality and calling on Shin Sang-jin, the Mayor of Seongnam City in South Korea, to permanently stop the sale of dog meat in the Seongnam Moran Market. Please sign the petition, HERE!

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