Romania’s Feeric Fashion Week Chooses Compassion By Going Fur-Free This Year!

Feeric Fashion Week, the oldest running fashion event in Romania has accepted the invitation of Humane Society International/Europe to join the Fur Free Retailer program. The event had its first fur-free edition between July 19th-23th of this year in Sibiu.

Among the fashion brands and designers that participated in Sibiu fashion week were students from fashion universities in Eastern and Central Europe, Central Asia, and Northern Africa.

“It is an excellent message that a well-known fashion festival in Romania has decided for the first time to promote brands not using fur in their clothing products,” said Andreea Roseti, Romania country director for HSI/Europe. “With the help of events like Feeric Fashion Week, we are changing perceptions in Romania about fur and making people aware that the suffering of animals bred for their fur must be stopped. Our hope is that the Chamber of Deputies will soon vote for the legislation to close fur farms in our country.”

“The Romanian fashion industry clearly shows that the future of fashion is fur-free. Feeric Fashion Week is the first fashion event in the world to join the Fur Free Retailer program and commit to banning fur fashion from the runway,” said Elise Allart, corporate engagement director at HSI/Europe.

“The event is a great addition to the growing list of Romanian fashion brands that are already part of the program, including Ioana Ciolacu, Muse um Concept, REDU and OCTAVIA CHIRU,” continued Allart. “Last week we welcomed KATERINI and HOOLDRA. We call on all designers, retailers, and events to join the fur-free fashion movement in Romania, contributing to the overall European effort to give up fur fashion.”

Mitichi, president of Feeric Fashion Week said that sustainability and care for the environment have been major concerns for the organizers of the event for many years, saying, “We are now in our seventh year of promoting sustainable fashion, but 2023 is the first year that we are focusing on promoting fur-free clothing creations. We decided that we needed to take on the role of informing the public and helping to build a cleaner environment and a better future for the fashion industry, one that does not involve animal cruelty.”

This Feeric Fashion Week marked its 15th edition, which is the longest running fashion event in Romania and one of the most important in Central and Eastern Europe. Feeric Fashion Week has also proved over time to be a platform for the promotion of young talent, giving students who study fashion design the chance to present their creations and be noticed by representatives of established brands in the fashion industry.

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