Safari Club International’s Annual Trophy Hunting Convention Is Taking Place In Reno, Nevada, From February 5th- 8th Promoting The Senseless Killing Of Our Earth’s Precious Wildlife

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Shockingly, thousands of trophy hunters from around the world will gather next week in Reno, Nevada, from (February 5th-8th), for Safari Club International’s annual convention, which will feature approximately 870 exhibitors showcasing and selling sickening trophy hunting expeditions, wildlife parts and products – from animal heads to hides. In addition, avid trophy hunter Donald Trump Jr. is scheduled to speak at the event on February 8th.

A sample hippo skull table is displayed for custom ordering at the Scottville, Michigan-based booth for Legends Taxidermy, at the Safari Club International 2019 convention in Reno, NV.

“This annual event is the largest meeting in the world of people who celebrate the senseless killing, buying and selling of dead animals for bragging rights,” said Kitty Block, President and CEO of the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) in a statement. “As our planet suffers an extinction crisis, it is business as usual for the trophy hunting industry and SCI, who continue to revel in spending millions of dollars every year to destroy imperiled wildlife.”

An elephant leather bench for sale by The African Market Trophy Room Collection, SCI show.

HSUS and Humane Society International (HSI) have analyzed the products promoted for sale and auctions of trophy hunts by exhibitors attending the upcoming 2020 convention. Among those are more than 300 trophy hunts in the U.S. and abroad whose starting bids range from $1,650 to $100,000 each. These hunts will kill at least 860 animals of over 50 species, including black bears, wolves, leopards and elephants. The auctions are expected to bring in more than $5 million to SCI. One of the hunts up for bid is a black-tailed deer hunt with Donald Trump Jr. in Alaska for $17,000.

An elephant leather boot sample is displayed for custom ordering at the Texas-based Meyer Ranch Bootmaker booth at the Safari Club International’s 2019 convention in Reno, NV.

Jeff Flocken, President of HSI said, “The trophy hunting industry’s conservation claim is shattered by SCI’s promotion of and profit from killing rare and imperiled animals. Trophy hunting is unethical, ecologically devastating and inflicts tremendous cruelty on wild animals. It’s time that we move beyond a colonial pastime and celebrate wild animals in their natural environment.”

Hippo teeth for sale $3.50/ounce at The African Market Trophy Room Collection booth at SCI.

In addition to Donald Trump Jr. speaking at the event, The Beach Boys and Charlie Daniels are scheduled to perform at the convention. The group REO Speedwagon had been scheduled, but they pulled out of the event and HSUS and HSI applauds their decision.

Artist Debra Cooper paints wildlife scenes onto elephant skin and ears, her works are for sale at the SCI show.

According to reports, Botswana’s President Mokgweetsi Masisi is slated to attend this year’s convention to accept an award. Last year, the government of Botswana lifted a ban on elephant hunting in the country, for which he received SCI’s praise, despite local and international backlash and opposition from elephant experts and advocates around the world.

HSUS and HSI are urging the public to ask the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to deny any authorization for Trump Jr. to import the trophy of an endangered Argali sheep he killed in Mongolia last year.

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