Breaking! Idaho Governor Brad Little Signs Abhorrent Bill Into Law, Allowing For The Slaughter Of 90% Of The State’s Gray Wolf Population

Governor Brad Little of Idaho shockingly just signed SB 1211 into law yesterday. A tragic step backwards in the recovery of gray wolves in Idaho.

As previously reported by WAN, the controversial bill allows for the slaughter of 90% of Idaho’s 1,500 wolves, reducing the number of wolves remaining in the state to a mere 150. Backed by the agriculture industry, the deplorable law also now approves the killing of these animals by any means including: traps, snares, aerial shooting, running over with snowmobiles and ATV’s, as well as wildlife killing contests. 

According to Project Coyote, the bill seizes wildlife management authority from the Idaho Fish and Game Commission and supports the hiring of contract killers with an additional $190,000 from the Idaho Wolf Control Fund, which already receives $400,000 to kill wolves throughout the state.

Please contact Governor Little to let him know that his decision will set back wolf recovery for decades. 

Here’s how you can help:

1. Call Governor Little at 208-334-2100 now and follow up with an email to telling him that passing SB 1211 was a mistake.

2. Share this action alert and infographic with friends and family and on social media.

Talking points to craft your message (please personalize):

If you are from or currently live in Idaho, state your town. If you don’t have connections to Idaho, explain why you will not spend your tourism dollars in a state like Idaho that wantonly slaughters wolves.

• Over 76% of Idahoans believe wildlife belongs to all citizens and that management decisions should be made without political influence by the Idaho Fish and Game Commission, whose members oppose this bill 5-2.

• Taking authority away from the Commission and the agency biologists is not science-based management and sets a dangerous precedent for wildlife.

• Wolves cause less than 1% of cattle deaths. Any depredation can be properly managed without this bill.

• Killing wolves at this rate will only support decisions to relist them with Endangered Species Act protections.

• Wolves that are alive and thriving bring value to Idaho in many forms, including ecosystem services and tourism dollars.

• The majority of Idahoans and Americans support wolf recovery at levels where wolves can fulfill their ecological functions. Almost no one supports wasting tax dollars to kill wolves.

You can help all animals and our planet by choosing compassion on your plate and in your glass. #GoVeg

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