Urgent Call To Action! Help Shut Down Cruel Polar Bear Hotel In China

The Polar Bear Hotel just opened its doors despite worldwide controversy surrounding two polar bears held captive there, locked in a tiny room, without natural light, snow or ice, surrounded by a painted stage simulating their true environment. This heartbreaking display of animal exploitation is used as a tourist attraction with 21 rooms overlooking the captive polar bears and their fake habitat.

A shocking video from NIUS showed the recent opening of the hotel which is promoted as the “only place in the world to eat, play, or sleep in the company of polar bears.” Sad and heartbreaking.

There are currently no laws in China protecting animals from being held captive and exploited for entertainment, much less a concern for their well-being.

Using these beautiful, sentient beings in order to make money is a display of cruelty at the expense of their suffering.

These animals develop issues over time from stereotypical movement disorders, motor disorders of neurological development, and repetitive behaviors including zoochosis.

Polar bears travel thousands of miles in the Arctic with their families and young, they need their natural environment, sea ice, and immense space to survive.

Take Action & Tell “The Polar Bear Hotel” to do what’s right and send these two polar bears to an accredited sanctuary or rehab center that can work with them to rerelease them back into the wild, if that is a viable option.

Sign The Petition to Shut Down Harbin Polarland theme park and The Polar Bear Hotel, HERE!

You can also call the Harbin Polarland theme park directly at +85 (451) 8819-0909

You can help all animals and our planet by choosing compassion on your plate and in your glass. #GoVeg

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