Victory! Jakarta Bans The Dog & Cat Meat Trade Making It The 21st Jurisdiction In Indonesia To End The Barbaric Industry

Photos By: Dog Meat-Free Indonesia
Coalition Members: Humane Society International, Change For Animals Foundation, Jakarta Animal Aid Network, and Animal Friends Jogja

Campaigners from the Dog Meat Free Indonesia (DMFI) coalition, including FOUR PAWS, have confirmed news that Indonesia’s capital city of Jakarta has introduced a ban on the dog and cat meat trade.

Jakarta now becomes the 21st jurisdiction in Indonesia to ban the brutal trade. The move comes in response to an intensive campaign by DMFI, exposing the severe animal cruelty and risks to human health from zoonotic diseases such as rabies.

“This is truly a historic and watershed moment in the movement towards ending the dog and cat meat trade, with the capital of Indonesia introducing a ban on this cruel trade. FOUR PAWS has campaigned on this issue for years and currently has a petition with nearly two million signatures worldwide,” Josef Pfabigan, CEO of FOUR PAWS, said in a statement.

“While this is a huge success, we cannot rest on our laurels, more needs to be done at the higher levels of government, as the dog and cat meat trade still results in horrific cruelty to an estimated 30 million animals per year in Asia, including an estimated 10 million dogs in Southeast Asia alone,” Pfabigan concluded.

It is estimated that only about 4.5% of Indonesia’s 270 million people have ever consumed dog meat. A nationwide opinion poll conducted by Nielsen in 2021 and commissioned by DMFI revealed that 93% of all Indonesians support a national ban.

Noted celebrity animal advocates Kim Basinger, Ricky Gervais, and Peter Egan are among those sharing the important victory by sending a video message shortly after the Food Security, Marine, and Agriculture Department confirmed the news.

“Thank you Governor Heru for your leadership in taking this brave and tremendously powerful step to ban the cruel, dangerous, and illegal dog meat trade in Jakarta. Your actions send a very clear message – dogs are not food,” stated Basinger. “These laws to prohibit dog meat will have far reaching impacts protecting both animals and people. Dogs are a true gift to all of us on this planet. They are our companions who serve mankind loyally. They must be protected from the abusive and unimaginably cruel dog meat trade.”

Ricky Gervais echoed Basinger’s statement saying, “The message is clear, dogs are not food.”

“Jakarta’s ban sets a clear example for other jurisdictions to follow that the dog and cat meat trade is intolerably cruel and dangerous and will help raise public awareness about the serious dangers and animal suffering inherent in this trade,” shared Karin Franken, national coordinator of the Dog Meat Free Indonesia coalition.

Globally, intolerance of animal cruelty and concern for human health is seeing an ever-growing number of countries, territories, provinces, regencies, and cities passing explicit laws prohibiting the trade in, slaughtering, and consumption of dogs and cats.

Help to end the barbaric dog and cat meat trade completely in Southeast Asia by signing the FOUR PAWS petition, HERE!

You can help all animals and our planet by choosing compassion on your plate and in your glass. #GoVeg

You can help all animals and our planet by choosing compassion on your plate and in your glass. #GoVeg

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