‘World’s Loneliest Orca,’ Kiska, Has Died After Suffering 40 Years In Captivity At MarineLand

WAN & Peace 4 Animals are heartbroken to share the news that Kiska, the last remaining orca at MarineLand in Canada, has passed away.

Last month, WAN shared a video by the Walrus Whisperer of Kiska as she was under 24 hour supervision for health concerns. Kiska likely would not have had the same health issues if she had remained in the wild, free, where she belonged.

According to The Whale Sanctuary Project, Kiska was captured in 1979 at around three years old from the North Atlantic Ocean. She was then taken to an aquarium in Iceland where she was housed briefly with four other young orcas, including Keiko, the future star of the ‘Free Willy’ movies. Shortly after, she was sold along with Keiko to MarineLand. Keiko was then re-sold to an entertainment park in Mexico, however, would later be rescued, rehabilitated, and returned to the ocean near Iceland.

This is yet another tragic story of an orca that was stolen from their ocean home and suffered a life of enslavement for entertainment.

May Kiska’s story give all those working to free animals from captivity around the world the determination to continue to fight to be their voice!

May You Rest In Heaven Kiska!

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