Urgent! Your Voices Are Needed Before April 16th To Help Mountain Lions Become Protected Under California’s Endangered Species Act

Animal advocates have another opportunity to use their voices to support the protection of mountain lions in the Southern and Central Coast of California.

This Thursday, April 16th, the California Fish and Game Commission is scheduled to hold a hearing on a plan to list these mountain lion populations under the state’s Endangered Species Act.

Born Free, one of the many animal welfare organizations with campaigns urging California Fish and Game Commission members to vote in favor of the listing, has issued an urgent call to action encouraging people to sign a letter that will be forwarded to the Commission.

As previously reported by WAN, mountain lion habitats in the Southern and Central Coast regions of California have become more fragmented due to highway construction and suburban sprawl, leading to greater levels of inbreeding and decreasing genetic diversity. Scientists call this “extinction vortex.” Sadly, mountain lions are also in peril from car strikes, poisoning, and hunting, which claim the lives of more than 200 mountain lions per year.

A listing under the California Endangered Species Act (CESA) would address many of the issues threatening these majestic creatures.

Local authorities would need to coordinate with state wildlife experts to ensure that development plans account for the need to connect mountain lion habitats, to counter the habitat fragmentation that limits genetic diversity.

A listing would also give state agencies a legal mandate to protect mountain lions, which would likely result in funding and construction of wildlife crossings and corridors across roads and highways, and re-evaluation of whether to permit the use of extremely toxic rat poisons in mountain lion habitats.

Concerned citizens can sign this letter supporting the critical listing of these mountain lion populations under California’s Endangered Species Act, HERE!

You can also send letters directly to the California Fish and Game Commission, at fgc@fgc.ca.gov

For those wanting to call in your support to the Commission, the phone numbers are (916) 653-4899 or (916) 653-7229.

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