Breaking! Eleven People Sentenced To Life In Prison For The 2017 Murder Of World-Renowned South African Conservationist, Wayne Lotter

Eleven people were found guilty and sentenced to death in a Tanzanian court last Wednesday for the shocking murder of accomplished South African conservationist, Wayne Lotter.

Tanzania, however, does not carry out executions, so the cruel and callous criminals responsible for the death of Lotter will spend the rest of their lives in prison.

As previously reported by WAN, Lotter, who reportedly received death threats related to his work, was gunned down in a targeted attack in August of 2017 when the vehicle he was traveling in was ambushed en route to his hotel from the airport.

A distinguished member of the international conservation community, Lotter had served on numerous boards of prominent NGOs and was the Vice President of the International Ranger Federation; all this in addition to his work as director of PAMS Foundation, a non-profit organization he co-founded with Krissie Clark in 2009, to provide conservation and anti-poaching support to communities and governments in Africa.

“We are ready to close this sad chapter and focus on empowering the people of Tanzania to protect and live in harmony with nature. Wayne’s murder and the sentencing of the eleven accused should serve as a reminder to everyone that poaching and wildlife crime is devastating to all of us,” PAMS co-founder and director, Krissie Clark shared in a statement on the organization’s Facebook page. “It destroys Tanzania’s extraordinary natural heritage and damages families and communities. Wildlife crime doesn’t pay.”

Clark, who noted the organization’s relief that the trial has concluded, also sent appreciation to Tanzanian authorities, including police, the investigators, and the prosecution team who worked diligently over the last five years to solve this case.

In a final tribute to her late colleague, Clark also stated that Lotter’s legacy of creativity, resilience, compassion, and total dedication to conservation lives on through PAMS Foundation’s work.

“Wayne had a remarkable ability to inspire people with his passion for wildlife and his legendary sense of humor,” said Clark. “His spirit lives on in the work we do every day.”

For ways to support the critical work that PAMS Foundation does in honor of Wayne Lotter, CLICK HERE!

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