Peace 4 Animals’ Award-Winning Documentary, Why On Earth, Premieres Today, August 16th, On Major Streaming & Cable Platforms In The United States & Canada

Why On Earth, the compelling new feature-length documentary by animal advocate and filmmaker, Katie Cleary, premieres today in the United States and Canada. The powerful film is now available on major streaming and cable platforms including Amazon, iTunes, Vudu, Google Play, Vimeo, and Hoopla.

The gripping film takes a comprehensive look into our current condition as a people; uncovering many issues that are affecting our natural world and the animals who inhabit it, revealing the vital connection between humans, animals, and the growing plant-based movement.

Why On Earth features exclusive interviews with well-known leaders in the world of entertainment, sports, animal advocacy, and conservation, including fellow filmmaker Clint Eastwood, who shares his love for animals in the film, stating “I appreciate the beauty of them, dogs, cats, snakes, lizards, I just like to see everything live; I like living things.” The film also features interviews with notable names including Maggie QKristin BauerJohn SalleyShannon ElizabethLeilani Munterand Dan Richardson.

Shot on a RED camera by Director of Photography, Hunter Nolan, Why On Earth was filmed in five countries including South Africa, Kenya, Indonesia, Mexico, and the United States. Rarely before seen footage highlights the people on the ground fighting to protect critical species including endangered orangutans due to rapid deforestation in Borneo and Sumatra for palm oil extraction, the depletion of the shark population in South Africa due to the illegal shark fin trade, and the poaching of nearly extinct African elephants, rhinos, and lions for their parts to be sold on the black market.

Why On Earth also features gripping interviews with Damien Mander (Founder of International Anti-Poaching Foundation), along with his all-female anti-poaching team, Akashinga, as well as Dr. Birute Mary Galdikas (President and Co-Founder of Orangutan Foundation International), Alison Towner (Marine Biologist, Save Our Seas Foundation), Paul Hilton (Conservation Photographer, Racing Extinction), Jim Abernethy (Conservationist, Photographer, Filmmaker), Shawn Heinrichs (Cinematographer, Racing Extinction), Wilfred Chivell (CEO of Marine Dynamics), Ian Singleton (Program Director, Pan Eco), Panut Hadisiswoyo (Founder of Orangutan Information Center), the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust team, and Petronel Nieuwoudt (Founder of Care For Wild Rhino Sanctuary), among many others.

“We’re thrilled that ‘Why On Earth’ will be available to audiences throughout the United States and Canada to raise awareness and create positive change to help save our planet’s most critical species from extinction,” notes Cleary, who is also the Founder and President of the animal welfare organization, Peace 4 Animals, and its popular animal news network, World Animal News. “There are simple things that we as humans can and must do to prevent the devastation of our rainforests and to enact stricter penalties for poachers who kill endangered and threatened species.”

Cleary’s previous award-winning documentary, Give Me Shelter, premiered on Netflix in 2015.

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