Worldwide Outrage Ensues After Freya The Beloved Walrus In Norway Is Euthanized

Tragic news as WAN joins millions of people around the world mourning the unjust killing of Freya the beloved walrus in Norway. Freya was unfathomably killed earlier this month by wildlife authorities.

“The Directorate of Fisheries’ assessment is that the public’s negligent behavior and failure to follow the recommendations from the authorities can endanger life and health,” Nadia Jdaini, senior communications adviser at the Directorate of Fisheries, said in a statement.

Jdaini explained that the public was urged to keep their distance from where the walrus had been observed at the Kadettangen bathing area, noting that it was “for one’s own safety, and with animal welfare in mind.”

The Directorate of Fisheries has reportedly documented that people were bathing with the walrus and seeking her out at the water’s edge with their children to take pictures.

“The fact that the walrus has become an attraction escalates the need for further measures. Our biggest fear is that people could get hurt,” stated Jdaini.

Due to the crowds that gathered, Freya, who had been staying in and around the Oslofjord this summer and was based in Bærum and Asker municipalities, was reportedly not able to get enough rest and was stressed.

To make matters worse, Freya was likely to leave the area on her own, which made the choice to euthanize her that much more devastating and unnecessary.

The fact that this poor innocent walrus was killed due to people’s lack of respect for wildlife and their space is heartbreaking and inexcusable on so many levels.

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