Archaic Bullfighting In Spain Claims The Lives Of Nine People; Sadly, The Number Of Bulls Injured Or Killed Remains Unknown

Partido Animalista (PACMA), a Spanish political party that works for the rights of animals, the defense of the environment, and social justice, has revealed that seven people died during this year’s “bous al carrer.” The so-called festivities in the Valencian Community in Spain translates into “bulls in the street” in English.

“Every year there are numerous accidents and deaths in bullfights in Spain, but this summer is being particularly terrible,” PACMA shared in a statement, further noting that the seven people died in just two months. A French woman reportedly marked the latest death after she passed away in late August.

This, despite the regional secretary for Security and Emergencies, José María Ángel, reportedly claiming that the current regulation is effective “and one of the most complete among the autonomies that organize bullfights.” He did however note that, “In some aspects, such as the need to wear suitable footwear, to prevent people from taking selfies or animal welfare, there is room for improvement.”

“Any measure taken other than the prohibition of all bullfights will be useless,” stated PACMA. “These events are based on extreme cruelty and violence, and as such are, in addition to authentic torture for animals, a great danger for all people. These are archaic traditions that foment violence and poison society.”

Many people throughout Spain oppose bullfighting, both because of the torment it represents for animals and the risk to the public.

“This is the year with the most deaths from “bous al carrer” since 2015, the year in which seven people also died in this type of celebration. It is shameful that, despite the fact that year after year these events cause serious injuries, accidents, and deaths, the administrations continue to allow their celebration and even promote and finance it in part with public money,” continued PACMA. “We have been documenting these horrors for years and calling for all bullfights to be banned.”

PACMA has demanded on numerous occasions, both to the Valencian Generalitat and to town halls and other administrations, that they stop authorizing these types of events, which constitute an enormous public risk, as has been demonstrated year after year. However, no political party has taken action against the bullfights and they continue to allow them every summer.

“The prohibition of bullfighting by law is the only solution to this spiral of violence that every year causes serious injuries and terrible deaths,” PACMA reiterated. “For this reason, on September 24th, we will demonstrate in Madrid for another year in #AbolitionMission to demand, once and for all, the abolition of bullfighting.”

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