Ukrainian-Based Best Friends Animal Shelter Urgently Needs Volunteers After Multiple Shellings Hit Their Building Killing Many Animals

Photo from Best Friends Animal Shelter In Ukraine

Best Friends animal shelter, which is associated with Happy Paw, reveals how dire the situation is at its Makariv, Kiev, shelter in Ukraine.

The shelter announced that it was shelled again, resulting in their enclosures for puppies and young dogs being burned down. The animals tragically died in fire. The shelter was also hit on Tuesday evening, but thankfully those animals survived.

The shelter, that was recently home to more than 900 animals, including 550 dogs and 350 cats, desperately needs local volunteers that may be able to help save the shelter and rescued animals.

“Please, we need volunteers to help,” noted a heart wrenching post by Best Friends. “Nowadays, financial assistance is not as important as physical assistance. Otherwise, this money will just disappear if we can’t save what is and what has been destroyed!”

“We need people in the shelter to give out the feed, there is no water, burned down our solar station,” stated another post. From Kiev, you can bypass the field, on the side of Zhytomyr, you can pass!” Sadly, as things can change there by the second, volunteers should confirm those access areas are still open.

As per its urgent plea, the shelter also needs building materials.

“The fence is lying, some of the enclosures are destroyed, no windows,” relayed another post. “Need film, stapler, board, and net on enclosures!”

The organization also explained that there is, “no communication in the area, no internet, can’t even send photos and videos of the destruction,” stating that it is communicating with the manager via SMS.

The organization is urging people who can physically go to the shelter to help to please call +380 (99) 534 85 14 or +380 (97) 785 95 23. If there is no network, send a text, and keep trying, as the shelter explains that there is “no other way for now.”

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